Toxic and Mass Tort

O’Toole Scrivo has defended thousands of toxic and mass tort cases. Our attorneys are thoroughly proficient at handling the scientific and medical issues at the heart of these claims. We have successfully defended manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and property owners against claims involving asbestos, cosmetic talc, industrial talc, benzene, petrochemicals, welding rod disease, pesticides, electromagnetic frequencies, sick building syndrome, mold contamination, vermiculite, latex, legionnaires’ disease, PCBs, silica, occupational diseases, and lead paint. Our team is assisted by a highly professional staff and equipped with state-of-the-art technical support necessary for efficient national coordination of mass tort litigation.

O’Toole Scrivo has extensive experience defending toxic and mass torts. Our attorneys routinely litigate an array of complex and vigorously contested issues facing product manufacturers and property owners in various hotbed jurisdictions. Some of these jurisdictions are referred to as “judicial hellholes” due, in part, to the large number of claims filed. Regardless of the venue, however, O’Toole Scrivo effectively and efficiently protects its clients throughout the litigation process of toxic and mass torts.

O’Toole Scrivo is well versed in what can be a maze of medical and scientific issues such as causation, epidemiology, genetics, industrial hygiene, risk assessment, and toxicology. Our attorneys use this knowledge, along with our deep bench of well-qualified and respected experts, to defend our clients across a diverse landscape. We have also lectured on these issues in various settings across the country.

Our attorneys are prepared to assist our clients in facing the liability issues that arise during toxic tort litigation. We are prepared at all litigation points to challenge a plaintiff’s allegations, experts, and credibility. We are equally prepared to explore resolution and pursue trial. O’Toole Scrivo has the knowledge, litigation experience, staff, and attorneys to the best possible results for clients.

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