Product Liability

We successfully defend a diverse clientele against product liability claims in multiple jurisdictions. Our attorneys combine an impressive legal acumen with a keen understanding of the scientific and technical concepts at issue to navigate the complexities of this practice area. We form close working partnerships with our clients to develop innovative solutions to unique legal problems and take great pride in our record of achieving successful client outcomes.

We have vast experience defending manufacturers, distributors, and retailers against product liability claims.  We have represented numerous clients with an array of products from everyday consumer goods to large industrial machinery and equipment. We have also developed and effected successful defense strategies in cases involving unique, custom-made products.

The defense of product liability claims requires a sophisticated understanding of scientific, technical, and medical concepts relating to product defect and causation issues. These technical concepts form the factual predicate for the formulation of effective legal defenses. Our attorneys have the expertise required to navigate these complex issues to achieve successful client outcomes.

We have defended hundreds of product liability actions, including consolidated cases and multidistrict litigation matters. Our diverse portfolio of clients ranges from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. We specifically tailor defense strategies to the unique needs of our clients. 

We are conscious that protracted litigation can harm a client. We strive to resolve cases as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. To that end, we have had success in employing alternative resolution methods to achieve settlement goals. In cases where that is not possible, our attorneys aggressively litigate to defend client interests.

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